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19 May 2021

Corona Fighters Report 7: Asset managers who delivered through the meltdown

Energy specialist firm HITE Hedge Asset Management outperformed in March despite some of the worst…

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31 Mar 2021

Refuge of ‘chancers’: Spacs draw criticism from big investors

Institutional investors are distrustful of special-purpose acquisition companies (Spacs) which they say encourage immature businesses…

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01 Feb 2021

Governments’ role in the decline of fossil fuels

The debate continues as to whether 2019 was the year for peak oil demand, and whether…

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21 Jan 2021

Hedge fund performance: 2020, year of the human touch

The $600 million hedge fund firm HITE Hedge Asset Management introduced a new strategy well…

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17 Dec 2020

Red states, blue states, green States?

Capital markets players are convinced the US’s long wandering in the wilderness as the world’s…

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