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25 Aug 2020

Other Voices: Decarbonization and fossil fuel’s growing weakness

You could have grasped the importance of the auto when it came along but still…

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24 Aug 2020

Dedicated environmental investing becoming a new avenue for alpha

To satisfy their consciences, investor demand and their own thirst for outsized returns, a small…

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31 Jul 2020

From mainstream to niche: How energy specialist hedge fund HITE is thriving with bearish carbon outlook

The Quincy, Massachusetts-based outfit’s approach comprises two main strategies: a long-running market neutral, pure alpha-focused,…

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09 Jun 2020

How HITE Makes Money in Energy

Energy has been the worst-performing sector over the past decade, posting roughly flat results as…

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03 Apr 2020

A Different Kind Of Green Investing: Meet The Carbon Skeptic Hedge Fund That’s Up 32% In 2020

When environmentalist teenager Greta Thurnburg became the talk of the world in 2019, meeting with…

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